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Events Travel is your specialist in exclusive sports trips all over the world. Our 24hours service applies for all our worldwide destinations. On a yearly basis, we organize a lot of custom made trips for companies that want their business clients or their employees to have the greatest sport experience of their life.

Step 1
Fill in our online request form.

Step 2
One of our employees will gladly visit you to discuss your wishes and needs for this trip.

Step 3
Within 5 business days you will receive a complete travel plan by mail.

Step 4
Discuss the proposal and possible changes with one of our employees.

Step 5
Enjoy the careless trip to your favorite sport event!

If you are not interested in a fully organized trip we can also offer you ticket only options for any event world wide.

Why choose to travel with Events Travel?

Events Travel is specialized in organizing group trips to exclusive sport events all over the world. Because of the dedicated team each trip exceeds the expectations of clients. They manage to do this by outstanding Event manager skills, true love for sport events and the drive to provide the clients an unique experience.

> Measured full-service travel plan according to your needs & wishes.

> Personal contact with one of our employees.

> Support through every phase of the sport trip organization.

> Enormous network with sport, accommodation and travel partners worldwide.

> Taking care of the complete organization of the event. This not only saves money but also saves plenty of time.

Our full-service travel plan consist of a full program including information about traveling, accommodation and the (sport)event itself. During the process of organization you will  continually be connected to the same employee. Events Travel thinks this is important because that will be the person who fully understand every step in your (sport)events trip. The past ten years Events Travel has build an big international network. This results in fact that Events Travel can offer their clients the best (sport) events offers possible. Organizing such a big event requires experience and takes time. Our employees are willing to do it all for you, so you just have to show up at the event and enjoy.


Events Travel can get you to every game worldwide and is specialized in the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga and many other international football games. Because Football is all about solidarity and creating a team spirit it’s the perfect trip for companies to visit during their business trip.


Thinking about visiting one of the greatest tennis tournaments worldwide? A trip to Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Australian Open or the US Open belongs to the possibilities. When you want to inspire and be able to network with (potential) clients, tennis tournaments are eminently the best event to visit.


Rugby, a sport that’s all about working together with your team. Reward your employees and let them enjoy this interplay. The different ways of playing grew into the biggest tournament all over the world like RBS Six Nations, Autumn Internationals and Hong Kong Sevens.


Do you want to visit an event that is as fast and exciting as your company and employees? Events Travel offers travel packages to Formula 1, MotoGP, MXGP and more motorsports all around the world. We can do big groups all together to exclusive paddock access for you and your associates.


This sport is all about precision and extreme concentration. A perfect moment to show your clients how serious you are about working together. With Events Travel you can experience the most important male golf tournaments like The Masters and The Ryder Cup.

Other Events

Do your employees and clients prefer visiting concerts, musicals, cultural events like La Tomatina in the Spanish city Valencia or The Octoberfest in the German city Munchen? We would like to hear your wishes and assist you with the organization of your business trip. Any event in the world is an option!

Contact us to discuss the options

To contact us please call +31 85 4011 812 to discuss all the possibilities Events Travel can offer your company. You can also use our contact from by pushing the ‘contact us’ button so we can provide you with all the information you need.